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Patent holders of the World's Only Floodwater Activated Flood Seals.

* Effective

* Easy to Use

All StormMeister Flood Doors Comply with BS EN 12217

* Unique HydroDynamic Flood Protection

* £5,000,000.00 Product Indemnity Insurance

All StormMeister Flood Protection Products are covered by
£5,000,000.00 Product Indemnity Insurance. 

StormMeister® manufacture the world’s only hydrodynamic flood doors equipped with patented Active Flood Seals designed to work with the power of flood water rather than against it. Using the power of water ensures StormMeister® products are easy to operate for everyone including the elderly and infirm. All StormMeister® Flood Doors comply with BS EN 12217.

At StormMeister® we are proud of our products and proud of our unique culture of continuous innovation which ensures we remain World Leaders in Flood Protection Products.

Conventional Flood Doors rely on handle applied compression to keep out the water, this means that in order to be effective the doors need to be tightly locked making handle operation extremely difficult. Another problem with conventional flood doors is they are effectively only sealed around the bottom so there is a big problem with rainwater ingress higher up the door. StormMeister™ Flood Doors are fitted with the Patented StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal all the way around the door which only allows enough water to pass to activate the Active Flood Seal. Consequently StormMeister Flood doors don't need to be on a tight setting and are therefore much easier to operate than conventional flood doors, the StormMeister door is by far the most user friendly flood door on the market. The ONLY manually operated flood doors to comply with BS EN 12217 suitability as fire exit doors. Easy operation also means less wear and tear on locking systems and seals.

In conjunction with our Annual Care Plan  StormMeister® Flood Doors are covered by the flood industry's only 

GGFi INSURED 10 YEAR WARRANTY, much longer than conventional flood door warranties!

Accredited installation engineers in the UK., Europe and the USA.

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Our order to installation time will vary according to product and specification and due to high demand for our products we are currently quoting 8 to 10 weeks. Urgent cases can be considered individually and we will always do our best to work with you within your timescale. 


If you are buying flood protection products it's important to know whether or not those specific products have been tested. At StormMeister we continually type test all of our flood protection products to ensure consistency of quality and performance. Not many companies are willing to let you see their products being tested but here you are welcome to visit to see our world beating flood products on test in our testing tanks! If you can't come to see us check out the StormMeister videos on YouTube.

There are StormMeister® demonstration videos on YouTube where you can see our products working in simulated flood situations. Whichever way no other flood company can match our dedication to product testing!

----------THE WORLD'S ONLY---------- 
floodwater activated
------PART 'M' COMPLIANT-----

StormMeister™ Wheelchair Friendly Flood Doors

Fitted throughout the UK and Exported Worldwide

StormMeister® Low-Threshold Flood Door.

Complies with UK Building Regulations 'Part M' for wheelchair access and essential for all 'At Risk' commercial installations such as shops, bars, hotels and restaurants.

Low-Threshold Disabled Access Flood Doors now available from the extensive range of StormMeister™ Hydro-Dynamic Flood Protection Products.
Initially designed and developed by StormMeister for commercial properties in Aberdeen, Scotland these Low Threshold Disabled Access Flood Doors were required to pass an exacting standard of zero leakage to flood water heights of 600mm under test conditions and ongoing flood resistance well beyond that level.

Now patented throughout Europe and the USA StormMeister Low Threshold flood doors come with a variety of locking options including push pad and electronic operation.

Contact Us to visit our testing facility to see the new Wheelchair Friendly Low-Threshold flood doors in action!
StormMeister™ Wheelchair Friendly Flood Doors

StormMeister Commercial Flood Doors

StormMeister Wheelchair Friendly Flood Door

ALL StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors pictured on this page are available as
Low Threshold Disabled Access Flood Doors.

StormMeister™ Wheelchair Friendly Flood Doors


StormMeister Flood Doors and Flood Barriers are tested by deluging with water in realistic flood situations, under test conditions maintaining leak free protection for over 48 hours, far in excess of the requirements of PAS1188-1:2014 the industry standard for flood doors.

StormMeister Flood Door Yorkshire Classic Coloured Flood Door
StormMeister Flood Door
StormMeister Flood Door Cottage Bullion Dark Green.

'Yorkshire Dales' Dark Green Flood Door pictured above, protection from flooding with a traditional cottage look..

 Zero leakage of water at 600 mm demonstrated under test conditions!

StormMeister Flood Door Testing
StormMeister Flood Door

StormMeister Flood Windows
StormMeister Flood Door with Active Flood Seal
StormMeister Construction Business Of The Year 2019

Climate change and increasing urban development have resulted in more and more homes becoming at risk of flooding. In the United Kingdom there are approximately 5 Million Homes At Risk, of which 1 Million Homes are at Severe Risk Of Flooding. Owners of at risk homes are increasingly under pressure from insurance companies demanding higher and higher premiums, and where homes are at severe risk of flooding many insurance companies will not provide cover. If your home is at risk of flooding sitting back and doing nothing isn't really an option, there are many things that can be done and fitting flood protection products including flood doors is probably the best in terms of peace of mind and reduced insurance premiums.

StormMeister™ The ONLY Flood Door with a floodwater activated Active Flood Seal!

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StormMeister™ Flood Doors are manufactured to ISO9002 the internationally recognised standard of excellence. Used by major clients such as The Environment Agency for Flood Defence Schemes throughout the United Kingdom and exported World-Wide the StormMeister™ Flood Protection Door provides an automatic flood resistant seal for peace of mind every time you close the door. StormMeister™ Flood Doors are available in white, various wood-grain effects (which helps to save the rain forests), and a selection of factory applied colours. These functional but attractive flood doors are the beauties with the hidden assets, specially formulated Impact Resistant Plastics, Galvanised Steel Reinforcing and a unique Patented Active Flood Seal™ which means StormMeister Flood Doors out-perform any other flood door on the market!

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  Zero leakage of water at 600 mm demonstrated under test conditions!

StormMeister Flood Door with Active Flood Seal

StormMeister™ professionally qualified Flood Door Installation Engineers carry out flood door installations and after-sales service throughout the United Kingdom. The time from order to installation is normally eight to ten weeks (consideration will be given to more urgent cases) and payment can be made by debit or credit card.

StormMeister™ flood doors are available in white, any RAL colour, and a wide variety of wood grain effects.

StormMeister Flood Door in Wood Grain
Flood Door Six Panel by StormMeister Flood Doors are manufactured in any RAL or BS colour

 Active Flood Seal Protection, Zero Leakage at 600 mm demonstrated under test conditions.

Flood Door Regency Style by StormMeister

StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors, the only flood door fitted with an active flood sealing mechanism maintained by pressure of flood water. UK Patent GB2525382, Worldwide Copyright, Patents and Patent Applications.

Conventional flood doors use passive seals which rely on handle pressure to resist rising flood water and consequently are difficult to operate and expensive to maintain.  StormMeister™ flood doors are completely different and utilize water pressure in their unique active flood sealing mechanism that maintains  flood resistance long after passive seals have failed. 

StormMeister™ Flood Protection Doors exceed the PAS 1188-1:2014 48 Hour Test, the industry standard by some considerable margin, testing at our product testing facility in Preston demonstrates zero leakage at 600 mm flood height for periods in excess of 48 hours and ongoing flood resistance to heights well beyond that.

We are now giving live flood door and flood barrier demonstrations to representatives of the trade, local authorities, and public at our testing facility in Preston, Lancashire which is situated close to M6 Junction 31. Anyone wishing to attend a live demonstration is requested to fill out the form on our Contact Page.

StormMeister Flood Resistant French Doors
Stormmeister Flood Door with Active Flood Seal

Manufacturers since 1987 StormMeister™ Flood Doors and Flood Barriers are manufactured by

William M. Snape Manufacturing Services (UK) Limited,

Unit 1,

West View,


Lancashire PR1 5EP.

Telephone 01772 70 44 29


StormMeister™ Flood Doors are manufactured using specially formulated impact resistant plastics tested to BS EN12608 within a temperature range of -40 to +40 Centigrade. Available in white, various woodgrains, and a selection of factory applied colours every door is manufactured to ISO9002 the International Standard of Excellence. The StormMeister™ Active Flood Seal is your assurance of the highest flood resistant performance within the industry. We deal with everything from design to installation by our professionally qualified Flood Door Installation Engineers and all private residential StormMeister™ Flood Doors are covered by a 


Our Price Promise.

We will be competitive at all times for all our flood door, flood gate, flood shutter, and flood barrier products but we will never compromise on quality or performance always exceeding industry standards by a long way. To arrange a FREE quotation click on our contact page with details of your requirements. Contact us now!

We accept all major Credit and Debit Cards including American Express.

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StormMeister Georgian Flood Doors
Flood Door Cottage Bullion by StormMeister
Flood Door Cottage Georgian by StormMeister
Flood Door Cottage Style by StormMeister
StormMeister Flood Door with Active Flood Seal
StormMeister Flood Doors Extreme Testing

 STOP water from getting under the floorboards!

Pictured below is a StormMeister self sealing SmartBrick, the airbrick that seals automatically as the flood water rises.

StormMeister SmartBrick Self Sealing Airbrick.

Our Qualifications.

We have years of experience designing, manufacturing, and fitting flood doors and specialized flood products of all kinds. Our flood door installation engineers are professionally qualified and every StormMeister™ flood door is manufactured to the International Standard Of Excellence ISO9002. We only use Impact Resistant Plastics tested to BS EN12608 under the most extremes of temperature. All surveys are carried out by professionally qualified surveyors and as members of the Safe Trader Scheme you are absolutely guaranteed no high pressure sales tactics. We will work within your budget constraints, we guarantee to always provide best value, AND we guarantee to stay on the job until it's done to your satisfaction.